Creating a Group on Contactly

Whatever your group type, Contactly can help you save time on group administration tasks and give you the tools to build a thriving group.

To begin creating a group on Contactly, you simply signup at After signing up and verifying your email, you can then login. The first screen you will see is as shown below.

Click on the Create Group button, and you would be shown a basic form you will use in creating a group

Title: This is the name of your group/organization. Please note that this name will appear on the header of your group directory on the Contactly mobile app

Email: This is the email of the group. Notifications such as emails will be be sent to this email address.

Password: The password is sent along with a unique pin for each contact you upload in order for them to be able to import your group members list to their mobile devices. This adds a second level security to the application ensuring that only members within the group can import members contacts to their phone.

Description: Description is a storyline about the group.

Type: There are two types of broad groups on Contactly. Personal Directory & Gerenal Groups. 

Personal group type are for individuals who want to use Contactly to store personal contacts, customers contacts, etc

General group type is for associations, alumni, businesses, churches, clubs, etc. Contacts uploaded under this group can be shared with the members of the group.

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