Adding members contacts to your group

At the core of Contactly is the ability to manage contacts (groups or individual contacts). To begin, 

1. Click on the Add Contacts button on the under the current group you are managing.

You have two options to add those contacts. You can add them individually or import a bulk of them from a CSV file

2. Adding Contact Individually. Simply fill the form as shown below. 

3. Importing bulk Contacts from CSV file.
You can create a list of your contacts in your favourite excel spreedshet and save it as a csv file. Below is a sample of an csv file.

Uploading contacts from csv must follow this pre-defined format otherwise you will have error uploading your contacts.The required fields are "name", "email", "phone". You must enter them as the first row of you csv file.
After creating your csv file, simple upload the file using the form as shown below.

Note: If the group you are uploading to was created under "Personal" group category, you can ignore entering any data under name and email. However you must maintain the header format as shown below

Also note that phone numbers must be prefixed with the international country code without any "leading zeros" or "+" sign 

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